Photo Editing

Developed alongside photographers, The Photo Lab provides photo editing services to photographers and businesses across the world. With a keen eye for quality and dedication to individual style we’re changing the way photographers work.

Take More Pictures

Expand your business and take on more work by better managing your workflow. Photographers that work with us shoot more and edit less.

Reduce Turnaround

Impress your clients and gain an edge over your competition. Getting photos back fast can make all the difference.

Make Moments Last

At the cutting edge of technology with calibration to over a billion colours your photos are edited to last. We stay ahead of the curve so your photos always look good as screen technology changes.

Do What You Love!

Spend less time editing and more time shooting. Relax and have fun, we’re here to give you your life back. No more are the long days in front of your computer editing; now you can take more pictures, explore, travel, and spend time with your family.

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"They have listened, watched and learned my own style and know what I expect in both my color and black-and-white work. The turnaround is exceptional with weddings coming back in days rather than weeks.
I totally recommend them."

- Wally Schmidt
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